How do I play the specified frame animation in fbx ?

Have you tried using AnimationUtils.subclip()? It creates a new animation clip, containing only the segment of the original clip between the given frames.

I solves the problem with use AnimationUtils.subclip(),
thank you very much

@seanin please can you post your code because I also used AnimationUtils.subclip() but the animation was not run smoothly…it works quickly. please can give a solution for it?

let nClip = null;
nClip = AnimationUtils.subclip(pMesh.animations[0], nName, nStartFrame, nEndFrame);
let mixer = new THREE.AnimationMixer(pMesh);
// const action = mixer.clipAction( pMesh.animations[ 0 ] );
const action = mixer.clipAction(nClip);