How to render transparent Object in correct order or looks like right?

when i render transparent Object, i find it look at not right ,just like this

here is online code in codesandbox online Code

It does not conform to the principle of perspective.

And i try to solve this problem .
It `s say The solution here is to manually split the each pane into 2 panes so that there really is no intersection.
but if the two objects is moving ,or i have many transparency object to render . It’s performance intensive and i dont want to add useless mesh.

i also try to sort renderOrder and edit for every Mesh. it aslo doesn`t work

i find render two scence in have no try.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please comment. Be grateful
thank u !
Forgive me for my poor English(i am really not good at it)

Does it look good when depthTest is set to false?

Thanks for your reply. It `s look like better than before , but the renderOrder is also wrong
I want the demo look like this picture

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Oh. It appears you want (A over B) and (B over A) to produce different results, even if both A and B have opacity 0.5. I don’t know an easy way to do this besides splitting the planes along the intersection line; or using ray tracing rendering. Maybe some of the experts here can provide a better suggestion.

Thank you foryour reply !, Thanks

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