How to prevent light from passing through mud guard mesh or avoid light reflection

I’m currently working on a Three.js project where I’ve imported a bike model in GLTF format. The bike model includes a mud guard covering the tire. However, I’m encountering an issue where light from my scene’s environment map is passing through the mud guard and affecting the inside of the tire, which isn’t realistic.

Lights I have In My Scene:

  1. Environment Map (Having plane white and grey effect)
  2. RectAreaLight on top of the bike

I’ve tried adjusting material properties and experimenting with lights, but I haven’t found a satisfactory solution yet. Can someone suggest an approach to prevent light from passing through the mud guard and affecting the tire?

I want to make the bike to look as realistic as possible, here we are struggling with lights and reflections. Please also suggest some best practices to make the model realistic.


With the default WebGLRenderer, the one and only solution for that would be a shadowmap. With postprocessing - you could also try tweaking SSAO / N8AO to create soft shadows in occluded areas.