How to Place Camera and Add Lightning inside a model

Hello, I am trying to place the camera inside a model with texture. Is there any way to add ambient light within the mesh sk that I can see the model from inside ?

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  1. THREE.AmbientLight globally illuminates all objects equally, so it’s position does not matter
  2. Other lights, which aren’t global, for example THREE.PointLight, can have their positions set with: light.position.set( x , y , z );
  3. The “insides” of a model, are probably backfaces. In Three.js all objects (or rather their materials) have backface culling enabled by default, for performance purposes.
    If you can’t see the inside of your model, then you should try:
    model.material.side = THREE.DoubleSide;
    With that, both sides of your mesh will be visible. If you don’t need frontfaces, then you could also try:
    model.material.side = THREE.BackSide;
    That will make WebGLRenderer render backfaces (or “insides”) of your model only.
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