Showing a model only in light

I am new in threejs, sorry if it’s a stupid question.
When I load a model in gltf format without lights it appears black and I want to see it only in my SpotLight.
How can I do that?

drag and drop your model here three.js editor (your model may be black)
then add → ambientlight and directionallight (you should see your model now) (you can also add SpotLight).

If you can try adding your model and make it visible to false or put his opacity to 0 and then make it visible when spotlight is enabled

Sorry I not sure if I understand the question (I dont speak english).

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I apologise for confusion. What I am trying to do is to have a car model in a scene with a source a light above and then animate the model for word so that it will reveal the first part of the car. The problem is that the model is visible all the time (even though is black ). I would like to have the model visible only in my ‘SpotLight’ area.
Your English is great, thank you for answer.

Mmm… maybe the cause is the type of material of your car. For example MeshBasicMaterial, MeshNormalMaterial doesnt react to the light so they are always visible. your model needs to have a material that react to light like MeshStandardMaterial, MeshPhysicalMaterial, MeshToonMaterial. these Materials are black when there’s no light hitting it