How to make a hole in the wall?

Hi everyone. I hope you get one help.


As you can see the screen shot. I’m going to make a hole in the wall. So I tried to use 3D boolean operations : However, the current wall has so many polygons and it is taking too long to compute.

And the wall might have multiple holes and I need to move the hole position freely. What’s the best way to do this?

Thank you

If you use the search here in the forum you will find :slightly_smiling_face:

See also the Collection of examples from


A question out of curiosity. Why does a wall need so many polygons?

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Hi hofk,
Thank you for your question.

As you can see the image, the wall is not a simple plane or box.

Can I use this method (RestrictObject) for the wall?

Surely the author can judge that better.

But you certainly need to know how you created the wall. How does it look in wireframe ?

A live example would be helpful, e.g. codepen, jsfiddle.

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It’s a wireframe mode.

(Side-note: Unrelated to the topic, but that kind of surface seems like a perfect use-case for normal / bump maps - especially if you’re planning to build a lot of these walls.)

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