How to load vray textures/lights in threejs

Hello ,

I have a fbx in which I have v-ray materials/lights but when I import that model in threejs, v-ray textures/lights not rendered.

Is there any way in three.js that I can achieved this?


Vray material is not supported by the threejs or babylon,
Vray material is only supported by the vray renderer.
So if you export your scene into other engine, you have to reset the lighting and materials

if u r using 3ds max vray, u will need a script to translate ur vray materials into standard materials, then export as fbx for blender, in blender export ur model as glb

You can render the scene with vray parameters

See code below

vray like rendering

Vray rendering in threejs and 3ds max

See renders comparisons


threejs vray like settings

3ds Max 2020

Vray NEXT rendering (takes 7 mins to render)

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