Is it possible to render threejs scenes automatically in e.g. Cycles renderer

Hi all,

I am building a configurator for furniture and would like the user to be able to request a more realistic image than in the threejs renderer. I found this thread

which offers exactly this function, but there is no more current information. My idea to solve this problem is to export a GLB file and load it automatically into Blender. Has anyone ever implemented a similar function and has any tips or solutions?

Greetings Tom

  1. Personally, I’d first check if three-gpu-pathtracer wouldn’t yield results realistic enough to accept - that’d let you avoid quite a bit of complexity and stack mixing - since you could keep everything within JS and three.js.
  2. If that’s not possible - you can mix together GLTFExporter, Blender CLI rendering with GLTF-to-Blender converter (or just write a python script by hand, so that you can import GLB into a blend file.)
  3. If neither of these would work - you can hop on the AI train, first render your scene in Three.js in lower-grade 3D, save it as a PNG - then pipe it through StableDiffusion / Dall-E / Midjourney (MJ doesn’t have an API though :smiling_face_with_tear:), and ask AI to convert it into a realistic rendering with a proper prompt.
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  1. I already experimented with three-gpu-pathtracer and it’s good but not the kind of result i like
  2. I managed to implement something like this on my local maschine, so it looks promising to get that onto a server with an API to send files and retreive images.
  3. Thats not an option for now but sounds very interesting aswell:)

Thanks for your input, it pointed me in the right direction!!