Renderfarm.js - server side photorealistic rendering of threejs scenes

ok, this time it did finish, but I do not see my iron man. do I need to add a camera or something?

pls share the file, have to check

please enable issues in your github repo, I will upload there. this forum caps at 4MB

done. Thanks for so prompt feedback!!

Fixed now.
Your GLTF file had Bones and SkinnedMesh objects, that were ignored. I added support for these types and now it renders. Unfortunately studio file is not good for so large model.

When scale is applied to top most group, it looks better:

It was also mentioned before, but materials are not exported. Mainly because it makes scene upload much longer, but also because of difficulties converting three.js materials into vray materials.

Model with 2M+ vertices is not a problem too:

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this thread seems to have few good links

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New Feature: now it is possible to define some (all) material properties for rendering.
Unfortunately, there’s no .userData on three.js material, this is why the solution is not fully flexible at material instancing. Nevertheless, it is a good step toward cloud glTF rendering.

Video available:
Live demo:

JSON Example
  "materialJson": {
    "uuid": "0202-0001",
    "type": "VRayMtl",
    "params": {
      "diffuse": "$.color",
      "diffuse_roughness": "$.roughness",
      "reflection_metalness": "$.metalness",
      "reflection": "color 100 100 100",
      "refraction": "color 40 40 40"

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Awesome work with render farm @mmalex! very impressive stuff. Do you have a guide to setting up the servers? I’m a bit lost with the setup on the server side. Or can I use the public servers you have for testing purposes? I want to test rendering an app that generates a model on the fly and it’s a little bit difficult to use the editor.

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Hi, sure the easy way would be to start using my dev server (where the demo runs). Please contact me in private messages for details:

Hey, what became of this project? The link to your project- page shows nothing anymore.

Hi, the project is under refactoring for using 100% open source dependencies for the back end.

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typical ) renderfarmjs domain seems to belong to some squatter now

no worries. still mine

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This repository is gone

This looks so good!

Do you have an ETA on the next release? @mmalex

Would this approach work with Cinema 4D as well?

I’m slowly working on the next release. ETA must be Q1 2022. I’m encapsulating Blender on the backend. But the js client will be completely blender independent, in other words - no blender knowledge will be needed to render three.js scene. C4D is not planned.


@nmalex Thank you for your reply. It’s fine C4D is not planned. I was curious if C4D can be integrated in a similar way.

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Application looks very impressive, but I am kind of late, I see that website does not work right now , is there a way to see the application in action?