How to give lightMap and envMap more punch (maybe HDR?)


i am using a lightmap in my project and would like to give very bright areas more punch. In my case there is sun coming through the windows, and its “255 255 255” white on these spots in the lightmap. But it just lights up the ground perfectly, but no overexposure. I tried lightMapIntensity which helps but also effects darker parts on my lightmap.

There have been changes to lightmap encoding a few days ago. Maybe a HDR lightmap would help? (Found nothing about how to do this)

Same with my envMap. The reflections on the ground are very dim (green arrow in my picture). In my case I use a CubeCamera to capture the envMap and then use the shader code from the ‘box projected cubemap enviroment mapping’ example to display it on the right spots (

With no GLSL knowlege i think this is based on mipmaps. Would this workflow allow a HDR envMap like in the “webgl_materials_envmaps_exr” example?

Even Tips in the right direction would help me very much. Thank you!


Since R112, it possible to load light maps with HDR encodings e.g. RGBE. Keep in mind that when using HDR, it’s necessary to correctly configure the tone mapping. The following example demonstrates the different modes in three.js:

In any event, using HDR will noticeably increase the quality of lighting in your scene.