How to format three.js example to allow local editing

I’m using MAMP to work with THREE.js on my local machine. Is it possible to duplicate the ‘basic/uv-transform’ example in ‘materials/nodes’ and have it run locally, to allow replacement of the textures. Specifically trying to apply to an image an alpha map that can be scaled/offset and rotated.

Have you seen

Thanks for your reply. I have looked at that page-- should I " Change local files security policy" for Chrome? All my other THREE stuff runs fine with MAMP-- and the examples run from the three.js-master folder I have copied there. Just can’t figure out how to duplicate/rename/edit an example…

I have XAMPP installed on my computer, but I hardly use it.

With Firefox there are almost no problems to run things locally!

Even a recording with the microphone works on PC, tablet and mobile phone.

Test it.
You can download the zip file:
[Solved] Example of audio recording?

or copy the source code:

Then all you have to do is run the scripts


into the appropriate folder.

Maybe the scripts are not in the right place for your copies. (It was my fault at first!)

I use Fenix