Setting up a local server


I’m trying to work on THREejs.

Why can’t I write code usng wamp server and edit+ editor?

Try Fenix for just testing for yourself.

If you want to share, then set up your own website with U Host Full. It is pretty fast, allows a domain name, and lots of storage and bandwidth. I just signed up the other day and am fine with it for testing three. We will see about a full blown website with a bit of three in it.

It works but still I have problems.
I kept on getting a black screen.
I tried following videos on youtube like
still got a black screen even after checking to see if there are mistakes.

finally I fonnd a code that works for me

new document

It works, but my shapes are multycolor, light green / light cyan, light blue

In the youtube video it is white.
where are the default colors set?

At the moment my goal is a box, rotating slowly on Z axis. each face has a unique image which is a link.

When the mouse hovers obove the box - spinning stops,

is it complicated to achieve it?

Maybe the following guide helps a bit: