How to do a Data driven animation

Hello all,
I just started with three.js and I am working on a very tight timeline project.
I have a scenario where I need to drive animation through some data.

Please guide me through the process to achieve the animation.

  • I used GLTF model and animated the model shape using blendshapes.
  • I have some data in an Excel sheet.
    I need to change the shape of the model based on the information in the excel sheet.

Thank you in advance.

  • Santosh RA

What did you try so far? What specific issues are blocking you?

Thanks mjurczk for replying. TBH I am a designer and have little development knowledge. I tried to bring my vision using some tutorials and combining the knowledge as required. So far, I created a dashboard layout and managed to set up the scene, add gltf model, and animate its blend shape. Alongside this, I have PBI data which has data.

I couldn’t find any dynamic data-driven animation tutorial. so looking for pointers.
As mentioned I am trying to achieve to animate the blend shape based on values.
Any small help will really matter to me in this schedule.

Thanks in advance