How to get from Turbosquid to ThreeJS?

I believe someone told me a while back that you just can’t import a 3D model from Turbosquid or other 3D model sites and expect to have something you can immediately animate in your ThreeJS scene.

For example, if you look at the source code in the webgl_animation_skinning_morph.html example, you see several data structures that list the names of the following items in the loaded GLTF model:

  • Animations
  • Emotes
  • Morph targets

When I look at the properties of a GLTF model I loaded in the DevTools debugger, I see these names in various data structures belonging to the model…

So is the “missing work” that is required to turn a Turbosquid or other marketplace model to something you can use in ThreeJS, the setting up of those data structures that “organize” the GLTF graphic content into usable sequences that can be orchestrated or controlled by a ThreeJS animation mixer instance?

If I am right about this, then please answer these two questions if you can:

  1. DO IT YOURSELF: If I have to do it myself, do I need graphic skills to do this? Or, if I have the right software (e.g. - Maya? etc.) can I do it myself and if so, can you give a link to where I can learn to do this?

  2. HIRE SOMEONE: If doing it myself is not really feasible without solid graphics/animation skills, where do I go to hire someone that I can expect to get a reasonable quote for work and where I am likely to easily find a quality artist?

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