Dynamic animations on top of THREE Animation system

Hi there,
I’m importing a GLTF with animations (exported via blender).

I’m playing the animations and everything works fine :slight_smile:

    this.gltf = assets.world.gltf
    this.scene = this.gltf.scene
    this.camera = this.gltf.cameras[0]
    this.timeline = this.gltf.animations[0]

    this.mixer = new AnimationMixer(this.scene)
    this.clip = this.mixer.clipAction(this.timeline)


The PerspectiveCamera is also animated via the Mixer.
Now, on top of the camera animation, I would like to add some dynamic interaction (mainly a slight camera panning on pointer move).

What would be the best way to do this?
From a first look seems that the animation system do not updates things like camera quaternion (thus rotation). Does the animation changes directly the matrix/worldMatrix? Where I should “act” my own dynamic “rotation”? a change of worldMatrix beforeRender?

In this example here,
I am using the tween library at the same time as the animation library to control the camera, lights and position of the model. View the source of the iframe for the code.
Double click the floor to see the model walk and do a kick animation.

As I understood, in your example your animating an object that it’s not animated via the Mixer. (His childs are, but not the element itself)