How to design a graphic user interface inside a 3D scene

Hi everyone!
I need to design an user interface inside a three.js scene. In the scene there are interactive objects which the user can click (using raycaster); once the user has clicked, the interface should pop up and the user can interact with it as it should be possible with standard html pages (text, buttons, navigation etc). This interface is not fixed, but its position is bound to the 3d objects of the scene where it is attached.

To design this I was thinking to blend WebGLRenderer with CSS3DRenderer and design the interface as an html page, though the CSS3DRenderer does not perform culling and looks a bit weird inside a 3D scene (e.g. if the user can look around while interacting with the CSS3DObject it seems that the object is moving). Also there are scaling issues when using CSS3DRenderer which should be taken into account.

I would like to ask if this is still the preferred way to achieve this result or there are better tecniques/alternatives that I could use.

Thanks for any info!