How to create the same video functionality in the link below?

Good evening guys, how are you ? Fussing on the website I found this showroom ?
which is exactly what I need to do, the video has just under 1 minute, so please someone can help how to do? Thank you and God Bless …

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What kind of help do you expect? Should we do all the work for you, with detailed comments in code?

Please have a look at this thread: About light map

Good afternoon, @prisoner849 okay? So Friend, in the first instance I thought I would have something ready and free to distribute for this, but by your responsta I do not think so.
I need this to use it with my Pascal code (I’ve already tested three.js + Pascal and it works), in short, if I can provide the sources in the way you suggested it will be great, because I immediately need this implementation in my software ( which in the case is not commercial, but private), because I make furniture and I really need it.
You can somehow help me, Please, Thank you and GOD Bless …

Good fternoon @Mugen87 , how are you ? Sorry Friend, but it was not clear to me on this topic how I should proceed, but thank you very much for the disposition.

Contacting the authors of that project would be more productive then.

Just for my information, what do you mean with “Pascal”? Turbo Pascal, Object Pascal/Delphi. I’m really curious.

Sorry @prisoner849 , I use Lazarus.

Do you use a web-browser component?

Yes @prisoner849, Chromium.

Hello everyone, can anybody help me in this endeavor Please, since I do not even know where to start? Thank you…

@josepessoa you need to ask more detailed questions if you expect help - and include links to the things you are talking about. Pascal? Lazurus? I have no idea what those are.

If you’ve never made a three.js project before, then you should start with something simple.

There are lots of tutorials around the internet, you could start by searching for some that were written fairly recently (last year or two).


Good afternoon @looeee , how are you ? I’ll try to detail as much as possible.
I need something that does the same as the following video: in both the rendering part (which is the most important part). and in the part of movement and exchange of textures.
Pascal = a programming language, Lazarus = Pascal language development IDE.
So Friend, I’m creating a software that generates necessary 3D objects as needed, and I need to leave it exactly the same as the video of the link above, but in case my knowledge for doing so is low in relation to Java Script, then I’m looking for the option of an opensource renderer and / or someone’s help to do it, did you now understand Friend?
Thank you and God Bless …

After that powerful statement, I see two options, Friend:

  1. Hire a freelancing developer, who will do all the work for money;
  2. Use GLScene library for Lazarus. I used it with Delphi 10.1 Berlin. Works very well.

I very doubt, that you can find a person, who will do the job for free, Friend. Did you now understand?

Hi @prisoner849 , what I need is for someone to help me get there, giving useful advice, not making riddles (not that it is the case here), because if it was to hire someone else already, did you understand Friend?
You quoted GLScene, do you think you can do what I want with her?
I just need the right path to go, only. Thank you…

Is it an offer of job, my blessed Friend? :wink:
So far I see that the dialog in this thread’s lacking of constructivity. You are asking for help, but actually it’s demanding of to do all the job for you for free.

Hi Friend @prisoner849 , I think because I do not speak English the translator must be distorting some word, but let’s do it, somehow can you help me? Because my intention to come to this forum was this, and if I happen to make friends, but first I want to LEARN, because as it is a private project I do not intend to spend much time with studies at the moment (nor can I afford that ), because the time here is well run. :v::v::v:

Then you have to read attentively @looeee’s answer once again.

Good afternoon @prisoner849 , how are you ? Come on, after this comment from the friend you mentioned, I: I detailed the question, explained to him what is Pascal and Lazarus, then he said: "If you have never done a three.js project before then you should start with something simple. “, and then also said,” There are many tutorials on the internet, you can start by researching some that have been written quite recently (last year or two). "<<< And here is where the problem is, hoping at least someone would say which keywords to do a search with positive results on the internet, because if I knew for what keywords I should start I would not come here (excuse the stiffness in words, internet what you do not know the name), and this (again), is the minimum you should get in a forum …
As I said I need to know where to start, otherwise I or anyone else who seeks something from scratch will leave the place. Thank you…

Examples and documentation will help you a lot. :slight_smile:

@prisoner849, tutorials, in video ?