Can someone help me this?

Hey guys can we open a webpage like skype on a 3d mesh in three.js i have been tryingto do it in babylonjs but it doesn’t support a browser inside a 3d mesh or on the 3d mesh.

Basically waht i want to achieve is to video call like a skype or something on a 3d model like a tv inside the 3d enviorment, that means if i click on tv is should be able to video call.

Your requirements are possible to implement using threejs, I think.
ThreeJS supports video texture.
Video can be rendered inside canvas.
Canvas has many functions because support WebGL.
Chromakey Video also are suitable for your 3D solution.
I have been enough experience in Video with threejs.
You need to explain as details what do you want.
Many threejs developers can help you.

hey thankyou for your reply i knonw about the video texture in three.js but what i need is not a video just a fully working application like skype or zoom on a 3d model (TV)
i tried it in b abylonjs but it doesn’t support that kind of a feature?