How to create a multiplayer fps three js game

How to create a multiplayer fps three js game, i’m terrible at coding with three.js i need help.

@Nik has a great udemy course on how to use to create multiplayer environments…

i’d want something free

socket․io has a free chat tutorial. a multiplayer game is the same as the chat, but you send player data updates instead of text messages.


Not sure I’ve seen an open source three.js example, there’s a lot to consider and takes a comprehensive understanding of synchronising frame rates as well as emmiting and receiving socket signals to and from a node backend…


i’m not sure if youve ever heard of this AskCodi - Your AI coding assistant but i dont know if that will help its a coding assistant

Not heard of it, not really I prefer to read personally

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My project Langenium used to have a Node.js backend that allowed it to have multiplayer using websockets. Currently looking to restore the same but keen to explore a way to do WebRTC so players transmit data P2P rather than waiting for the server.

There’s a guide here that describes how to get this up and running - Socket.IO with Node.Js + Express. Nowadays, most web developers want to… | by Sude Kılıç | Koçfinans Tech | Medium

Another option could be socket runtime - its a replacement for Electron/ReactNative, it’s much lighter weight, runs the same code on mobile and desktop, and also has native P2P support so you don’t need to set up any servers if you dont want to. – GitHub - socketsupply/socket: A cross-platform runtime for Web developers that helps you build desktop & mobile apps for any OS using your favorite frontend libraries. Includes local-first and P2P as first class features.