Photon Quantum supports Three.Js for multiplayer

Hello, I am new to three js. and sorry if the question seems stupid. but i am unable to find the answer.
So, can i build a multiplayer game with Three.Js with photon quantum ?
i am trying to make a multiplayer fps game using three js and i know that node with will work good in this. but i am more comfortable with quantum, does anyone know if three js support quantum and if yes can you share some refence materials or just point me towards the right direction.

Greetings :eyes:

Three.js is only a rendering engine. This question isn’t really related to 3js. All that matters is whether Photon Quantum supports HTML5 technologies and JS. From what little Ive searched on the topic, it doesnt seem so. The only browser thing I found was a Unity demo ported to WASM.

If you could send data to Photon from JS then it would work with any rendering, but I dont think it’s possible. I might be wrong though.

Sidenote: is likely not a very good choice for an FPS game, as its based on TCP protocol and getting low latency thats very desired for FPS games will prove to be difficult. Try to research and see what they have implemented

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