The ThreeJS Primer

This short free course begins with a 3D beginner-level primer to 3D concepts and some basic examples to get you started with the most important features that Three.JS has to offer. You’ll learn how to quickly create a scene, camera, and renderer and how to add meshes using the Geometry primitives included with the library. You’ll find out how to use the online Three.JS Editor which will help as you learn to use the library. You’ll learn about materials, lights and how to load a complex model you may find from an online store.


Thanks for sharing your work and the free course.

Introductory courses are important, as they allow people to grasp the main concepts of Three.js. Once they cover the fundamentals it is much easier to move into more advanced topics. It is painful to watch how beginners jump unprepared into the deep waters of Three.js.

Lol…I was definitely one of those people, however I did take a course similar to this by @Nik and it was very helpful to beginner setup. Thanks!

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Totally agree. My aim was to give people the basics in around an hour of screen time. I have several advanced courses and this course is effectively a prerequisite. Bruno’s course is great but you need a lot of spare time!

I know right, plus it too much $