How to create a floating bubble changing its shape dynamically?

Hi members.
I want to create a bubble-like shape that changes its shape dynamically.
I upload a gif to show the exact behavior of the bubble.

I’m not looking to create the whole thing. Only wanted the bubble part and its dynamic changes.
The shape I want to create is more like the below image.

A single bubble floated in screen and changing dynamically with gradient background color and some glow border.

One was to solve this issue is to animate a mesh with morph targets. Meaning you create the shape on Blender, author the morph targets and the respective animation (they are called shape keys in Blender) and then export to glTF. An animated sphere in glTF looks like so:

BTW: Don’t be irritated by the white points. They are just demonstrating morph targets with THREE.Points.

Thanks, @Mugen87 for the hint.
Actually, it’s not what I’m looking for. I don’t want a 3D shape. I need something flat. Something 2D!
Just like the images I sent.
I don’t want to rotate it. Only change its shape. Do you have any idea?

BTW, I think it can be created using shaders. Not sure. But I don’t have experience writing and using shaders. You have any hint on that?

A nice example from @Alain_Barrios:

here’s another example

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I think this is the closest example to my need: