How to close water shadow in tilt photography model

shadow in tilt photography model

I have reference a ocean effects in my scene.It appears large area shadow because of the modle is tilt photography model.I just wanner to remove the shadow.what should I do?


It’s hard to see this in the image but I guess the dark ares are not shadows but (maybe wrong) reflections of the water material. Can you share a link to your application?

Does the ocean effect work if you don’t add the model of the city?

You might want to replace the model with something more simple (e.g. a torus geometry). Maybe the problem is related to the camera controls.

BTW: Is it also possible to unminify your code? It would be helpful to see how you add the ocean to the scene and how your camera controls are implemented.

hard to debug but the demo looks really cool!

This actually looks a lot like the same issue I am having.

Have not been able to reproduce it in a fiddle so far.

Problem started for me when the Mirror/Reflector code was changed recently.

Once I am able to reproduce I will link my fiddle.

I have already publish the sourceCode. The water code segment is in main.js.

Thank you for your attention

I was not able to find the problem so far. Can you please make a test and replace A3DEarthControls with OrbitControls? Any improvements?

Besides, please provide a reduced test case without such a complex model. It will be easier to find the issue if you can reproduce the visual error with a simple mesh.

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@titansoftime Do you mean this one:

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It’s similar to that in appearance. Whether the cause is the same, I am unsure.

Currently, I am just overwriting the current water/mirror code with the code from around r80.

I wish I could provide more information, I will get back to that issue and delve deeper.

I attempted to mimic the error in a fiddle and have frustratingly failed, spending hours on it lol. I will figure it out though.

I think it may be the controls as you have noted. Will test this weekend.

@Maplesog Maybe i’ve found something. The problem could be related to the combination of scene.background and Water. Can you please set the skybox in your application in this way:

var cubeTextureLoader = new THREE.CubeTextureLoader();

cubeTextureLoader.setPath( 'textures/cube/skybox/' );
var cubeTexture = cubeTextureLoader.load( [
   'px.jpg', 'nx.jpg',
   'py.jpg', 'ny.jpg',
   'pz.jpg', 'nz.jpg',
] );

var cubeShader = THREE.ShaderLib[ 'cube' ];
cubeShader.uniforms[ 'tCube' ].value = cubeTexture;

var skyBoxMaterial = new THREE.ShaderMaterial( {
   fragmentShader: cubeShader.fragmentShader,
   vertexShader: cubeShader.vertexShader,
   uniforms: cubeShader.uniforms,
   side: THREE.BackSide
} );

var skyBox = new THREE.Mesh( new THREE.BoxBufferGeometry( 1000, 1000, 1000 ), skyBoxMaterial );
scene.add( skyBox );

The idea is not to use scene.background. Just add the skybox as an ordinary object to the scene graph. Does this solve the problem?