How to choice appropriate material in 3D model


I have an issue about coloring the models. Here is my 3D model result: (Please be patience for the loading time around 5 seconds)

As you can seen, my scan model color is not good as it in the first pic(orange color) and my jawbone color isn’t good as the teeth color in the second pic as well

It seems like that I need to adjust some parameters such as diffuse, specular, texture material…etc. But I have no idea how to do it in three.js.

The last is my code:
Github code:threetest/test.html at e4cc884db4637a0297afbcf17a3b16f171dfea0a · Yan-wei-yu/threetest · GitHub

Appreciate for your patience and helps.

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Does it get better if you add PointLight, DirectionalLight or SpotLight?

The image below shows: your original lighting (left) and with added point light (right):


Also: if your model carries the color with itself (as a color property or texture, etc), then most likely you should use white light.

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