How to achieve this effect?

The demo is full of effects. Which one do you want to achieve?

It’s also on Codepen:


This is a typical question from the category: “How do I develop a self-driving car from scratch?”

@Qiumeng12 Please understand that such wide open questions usually never get the answer you expect since nobody is going to invest the time in providing every necessary detail.

Please try to be as specific as possible when asking questions. In this case, focus on a specific aspect of the demo.


I want to achieve a burning fireball. :thinking:This example looks like a sun

Thank you very much for your reminder :blush:

If you don’t want to use Ctrl+U to see the source code of the example you provided, then invest the source code of the codepen, they are similar (almost identical).

ok! Thank you for your reply :blush:

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