Particule background

hey all,
can anyone give me a clue how to create these particle effect even using shader

This is a very general question. It would be hard or impossible to get a complete answer. Generally you only need three things:

  • experience with shaders
  • artistic and spacial creativity
  • exceptional persistence

Unfortunately, I do not know any short path to learning how to create such effects. One possible approach is to look for similar particle effects in sites like ShaderToy and learn from the shader code there. Another approach is to ask the creator of these effects.

I feel sad that my answer above is most likely not what you are looking for. Nevertheless, I cannot resist adding a few quotes by the famous Italian artist Michelangelo:

thank you for your reply

I have already looked at the shaderToy site and found something similar and so far this is the best approach.
these effects are made with 3D software like Blender so even if I ask the creator it won’t be helpful

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