Help | floating animation

Hello guys. I want to create something like that(attached video) and I don’t understand where I should start. Can you help me please? I need some advices, articles, guides, and similar pens, because facing that type of animation for the first time.
Thanks a lot!

umm, I’d recommend applying some kind of noise on a cylinder using a vertex shader, that’s what comes to mind first, for the color gradient you can mix colors based on the cylinder height,

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A quick and rough attempt to use LatheGeometry with simplex noise in vertex shader:


wow, cool!

@eugenius Out of curiousity, where/how did you get the ref video from? Any link?

wow! that’s super cool and it looks amazing!!!

it’s motion render video, not the real example

The same approach, another option though: a cylinder (like @XAR said), with shaping function + noise in shaders


exactly what I had in mind, cool!

good one
and my attempt based on your advice

but still fighting with color
trying to make the edges of the shapes a little bit brighter like in the motion
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I computed normals, based on shape and noise, then processed them in fragment shader, finding dot-product between normal and vector of view.

This is the best I could do.