Help making a specific animation

I’m currently working on a small animation.
Basically the idea is to have a slime like object that could expand, like a part of it was dragged towards the mouse but was still stuck in the elasticity of the object.
I’m new on this, but i have made a lot of progress, i have managed to instantiate the objects , make the object follow my mouse and such.
Where i’m stuck is that it seems that i can’t manage to find a way to make a slime like object.
Does anybody has examples / tutorial to point me in the right direction? The more i learn the better!!
Here is what i’m trying to build.

The only example I can think of from your description is this one from @sciecode:


Searching through the www

Thanks a lot. There is a lot ot read but i said i wanted to learn :grinning:

Thanks for your help but it doesn’t seem to be what i’m looking for…I’m less interested in the material than the physical pulling effect. And call me a purist, i believe slime shouldn’t be square.