How do people handle animated characters?

Hi, I’m struggling with the next steps of blending between morph sequences and pre-made skinned animations. There’s not much info on how all this works. What files are best to use? Where are there examples using the animation mixer?

I find this page to be the most valuable documentation on this subject.

If anyone has further reading or advice, I’d love to learn more.

I just found mixamo :

When you say “next steps”, where are you at so far? The goal for the modeling/rigging/animation phase should be to get all animations into three.js as THREE.AnimationClip objects. Morph targets should also be in AnimationClip objects, unless you’re just planning to control them in code. Note that the Unboring workflow above uses an exporter that has been deprecated since then, but the same basic workflow should be OK when exporting to FBX or glTF. If using FBX, note that each animation will probably need to be a separate FBX file. With glTF you can test that all of your animations are working here.

If you’ve got everything exporting correctly, it would be good to know what other questions you have. Some existing docs and examples include:

For an animated character you’ll probably find the crossFadeTo/From methods helpful.


Thanks so much for the advice. I find the ways of handling animations in AnimationMixer/Clip quite hard to understand. Maybe it’s because of a lack of a visual timeline. Simple morphs and crossfades I can do, but I’m limited beyond that because of the lack of examples out there. I initially had some success with copy/pasting into the horse.json file in the examples and messing with that. Thats about my limit though.

glTF is new to me. It might make things easier with my lightwave/blender/three.js workflow. I’ll have a play. Thanks