How do I export a modified scene to 3ds format

Hello community,

Here’s the problem,

–> I get a FBX / 3DS model of a shelf from a tool,
–> then I load it using one of the loaders in three js and render it on browser,
–> modify a few things (for ex: deleting few objects from the shelf).

I am able to achieve above three steps until next step

–> I want to export (the modified scene) it back as FBX / 3DS using one of the three js exporters so that the tool can consume it.

Is there any way I can achieve this? since there are no FBX/3DS exporters available.

Any guidance will be really helpful.

At least in the official repository there is no exporter for FBX or 3DS. Does it work if you export your scene to glTF and import it in your tool?

BTW: What tool are you using? Isn’t it possible to apply the modifications directly in your software?

Also — what features do you need? Just geometry? Or textures, animation, PBR materials, … knowing that might help us suggest possible workflows. Not sure about 3DS but an FBX exporter for three.js would be quite complex to write.

Modifications in a modeling tool will definitely be easier as Mugen87 said.

The tool is called JDA Space Planning. They have a planogram generator which generates layout in 3ds / fbx and can only read 3ds or fbx format files.

Its maintained by JDA solutions, so modifications can’t be done.

They don’t have import functionality for glTF format files.

Geometry and material data (highly important).

I was thinking of modifications but it’s not an open source software. Highly unlikely to do any modifications.

You might want to look into offline converters. Export to something, then convert to something else, before submitting back to your app.