.fbx export from editor

Hello there. I want to get output in .fbx format at three.js. Can we export fbx like https://threejs.org/editor/ export obj?

Unfortunately no, there is no FBXExporter yet.

Hi Mugen87,

I take the liberty of relaunching this subject because I did not find any evolution on the forum on this subject.
Do you think an fbx export would be possible ? And is there any development going on?
If not, would it be possible to do it and if so, where can we find the exact definition of the structure of FBX files?

Thanks in advance for your help!

maybe you could try to build assimp with emscripten and use that - but thats some work to do, not just something you could take off the github

It is of course possible but because FBX is not properly documentation like other 3D standards (e.g. glTF, 3MF), this will be a lot of work.

No, and there are no plans. glTF is the far better option. At least in three.js we are focusing our development efforts in this standard. It’s also the recommended 3D format of the project.

There’s three options:

  1. build an FBXExporter. Mega hard, there’s no spec and it’s a proprietary format. There are tools like assimp or blender that have FBX Exporters though so you can read their code for ideas.
  2. build a wasm version of the FBX SDK and create an exporter from that. Probably very hard but maybe someone’s already started it?
  3. Export as glTF and then use a glTF → FBX converter. There’s loads of them - search on Google, you can try some of the online tools or you could use Blender.

Number three is obviously the easiest option - like, 5 minutes work vs a few months of work, so it’s basically a no brainer, unless maybe you’re writing a tool for some reason.

If it’s something you need to do once, I would say try an online tool. If you need to do it a lot, maybe you could use the Blender API to script it?

it should not be

if you only do one specific version (and limit it to non-binary, too =) basically take a template file and build a code around it.

I guess difficultly level is relative. If you have some experience building exporters or working with FBX files then you can downgrade the difficulty level… a bit. Let’s say to “very hard”. It’s still not gonna be a weekend project.