How do i create some projects?(im new)

How do i create some projects?(im new). Seriously how do i.

if you want a three js project , all you need is (Visual Studio Code - in my opinion best for JS)
An index.html file that represent your view(what you want to see on your project)
An index.js file that keeps your logic stuff
And index.css that keeps your style stuff
If you know already this , then just follow this link to create your three.js project three.js docs
From my understanding , you can program in what you want , as long as you are serios and understand the basics , that will allow you to use libraries like three.js
In the link attached you basically have all you need , just need time to understand whta every property and methods do.

If you’re new, I’m sure simple and then more complicated examples will help.

Take a look at them. Collection of examples from

You could start with the BeginnerExample . In the source code there are links to the doc.