How capture canvas image in three js

I need to capture canvas 3d image in three js.
please help me.

Do you mean that you want to take a screenshot of your scene?

Google gave me many results. One of them:

This is not working i need same functionality and i am using the toDataUrl method to and getting the string too but it gives me black screen

It works as expected, at least for me.

i am using this does it affect

I don’t use it, so I have nothing to say about that.

@prisoner849 can you help me in this pen it is not working please can you check Please let me know if you have some solution on this please

You need to set renderer 's property which named preserveDrawingBuffer to ‘true’,and then use todataURL

@llttle_new_pencil thanks for your attention but i already set it can you check my pen