How can I replace the video texture with another src?

I’m new with three,js, if it possible - help me, please :slight_smile:
i have videotexture with react-three-fiber

const [video] = useState(() => {
const vid = document.createElement(“video”)
vid.src = video_src.url_video
vid.crossOrigin = “Anonymous”
vid.loop = true
return vid


useEffect(() => void (ready_play &&, [ready_play, video])


<mesh scale={[1, 1.5, 1]} geometry={nodes.screen.geometry} position={[7.77, 4.54, -0.23]}>

Question: how i can change videotexture when i click next btn and receive new url video ( vid.src)?
example(Reflector variant - CodeSandbox)

I suggest you call dispose() on the previous video texture and then create a new instance with the a new video element.

I’ve decided this way - to whom it may be of interest

  1. created an video element with useRef() <video src="/video.mp4" loop crossOrigin=“Anonymous” ref={video_ref} style={{ display: ‘none’}}/>
  2. then with useEffect src is available for manipulation