How Can I Render Only Visible Edges as Outlines Using an Orthographic Camera in Three.js?

I have this glb mopdel in threejs, i am using orthographic camera, is there a way to make it look like a elevation plan?

Adding Outlines to the edges of the house, the windows, and making it black and white?

something like this:

I looked into three-edge projection

but its looking like this,

but should look more like this instead:

using three-edge-projection works, but it shows ALL the lines, including the ones that sholdnt be seen

I know i can use edgegeometry or something, but with that, i can see ALL the edges as well. I only want kind of like what can be seen at the front

this is what the model looks like with orthographic camera:

I want it to just show the outer edges, the edges of the windows…
An example would be rhinos make 2d
If anyone can help, I would appreciate it

Something like this?


A simple (thus not optimal) approach is to have two versions of the house - one with white basic material and another with black edges. You may also go with one house, but render it twice.