How can I implement a simple virtual pet game?

Hey guys,

I need to implement a simple virtual pet game where users can dress them up with clothes, hat, etc. The pet will have simple animations such as when touched, or fed, it’ll do a gesture and stuff like that.

I have never coded a game before so I’m unsure what path to take. Also, in terms of graphics, what would it be the best approach? For example, how can I add a piece of clothing to the pet and this added piece be part of the animation? Maybe is there an example somewhere where I can get some ideas from?

Thank you!

You might be better asking this question in a more general or game-oriented programming forum.
Three.js will not help you in creating game logic, it’s just a rendering library.
Have you considered learning to use a game engine such as Unity or

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Looeee, how does use 3D Graphics???

I don’t think it does, it’s a 2d engine. But that might be sufficient for @rax’s needs.

Thanks for the replies guys.

Someone suggested me to use spine which allows different elements to be hidden during animations which is probably what I need. three.js just looked really cool when I saw the examples so I thought it’d be a good framework to use but probably hard for a beginner game developer (I mostly code backend web apps).

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We’re always glad to help on this forum, @rax