Three.js character for games

I creating an app/game with nativeScript and i need the user to be able to create and see their own character. Is that something i can use three.js for?

Yes, however I have no experience with NativeScript. If you want to develop an iOS or Android app, you should check out first if WebGL is fully supported in this scenario.

Hey thanks for the answer.

Lets say its possible with webgl in nativeScript cause i think it is.

How would it be possible then to customize the character and then use it in the app??

I mean use it on a map and se it moving when you walking.

How would that be possible?

Can you help me?


Unfortunately, your question is way too broad. I can only say: Yes it is possible. But I can’t provide you a step-by-step guide that explains the implementation. This is something you have to figure out by yourself.

I suggest you try to break down your task into smaller, more concrete pieces and then ask more specific questions.


So i have never used three js before.

If i want to create my own chatacters, is it myself that need to write the code? Is it mW myself that need to make all the different styles in the code on the chatacters?

This can be a good starting point :

You have to make the animations in a 3D software that can export GLTF2 files, Blender is great.

Hey okey, but i dont get it, if i need to make the animations in 3D software how can i use that in my app like characters that moving and the user can create characters?