How can I enable emissions from video texture

The above code and result. How can I make the plane emissive, using emissiveMap, emission just makes the plane black.
Also dark material used for the 3D models isnt reflective even though I have give roughness - 0.1 and reflectivity - 1.

I will appreciate any help.

You are currently assigning videoTexture to emissive and emissiveMap. emissive is of type Color and assigning a texture to it is not valid. When using an emissive map, set emissive to white.

how can i convert videoTexture to be usable as a emission map. The emission color is not going to work in my case, i assume its only for solid or procedural colors made in three.js.

ok i figured it out.
set emissiveMap with texture and emission as white color with SRGB encoding in videoTexture.

const videoTexture = new THREE.VideoTexture(video);
videoTexture.encoding = THREE.sRGBEncoding;
videoTexture.needsUpdate = true;
const videoMaterial = new THREE.MeshPhongMaterial({
  map: videoTexture,
  emissiveMap: videoTexture,
  side: THREE.FrontSide,
  emissive: 0xffffff,
  emissiveIntensity: 1
videoMaterial.needsUpdate = true;