Holes in my shadows _ any suggestions?

Please have a look at the pics…

The scene is lit with a single PointLight which is placed inside the truncated cone shaped lamp shade. As you can see, the shadows cast by the shade are partially working. We get the expected circular illumination patterns on the floor and ceiling via the top and bottom holes in the shade.
But we also have some ‘holes’ in the shadows…

The lamp and its shade were built in Blender 2.92, exported to .glb and loaded using GTLFloader.

Things I tried:

  • tried flipping normals on the shade - no change.
  • at first .glb files contained extraneous cameras and group nodes - got rid of those - no change.

Does anyone have suggestions about what might be causing these artifacts ?


Have you tried adjusting the near clip plane of the shadow camera?


That was it. Thank you.
Bumping the near clip on the shadow camera down to 0.1 from the default (0.5) fixed the problem.