Hiring ThreeJs - Make a Clothing Designer Application

Good Evening,

I work with a Jiu Jitsu company that often places order for various clients. We send digital 2d cloth patterns to our suppliers and they are able to make the clothes specific to order based off the fabric patterns.

We want want todo with programming is to allow people to be able to edit these flat 2d patterns and once they edit them it will show the result directly on the 3D modal.

I have attached a picture of a similar project made by another company. What we will do will be a slight different but same idea.

My email is charles@jjworldleague.com | Whatsapp +17142345921


After check your post , i was so excited.

Because I have worked in this company last year for 3d configuration jacket editor function.


I have worked with core developer.

I would like to discuss more details .

telegram id @dsodineum

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