Need help to create 3d jersey customiser

I want to create a 3d product customiser like this, _ tried to create this, but failed to make it 3d so can anyone please guide me to create a similar application with three.js.
here is the link what i tried before :

thank you

As @prisoner849 would say:
As an option, move your request from “Questions” to “Jobs”.


Sorry, but is that a matter of PAY?

Good question may or may not depending on the individual.

@prisoner849 kindly set up a demo that does something similar to what I think you are requesting: Three.js + Fabric.js

I already used fabric js, but thats completely 2d, I need some guide to make it 3d, if it can be with .obj files as there are too many layers.

Moreover, I used that example of Fabric.js + Three.js for a prototype of a T-shirt customizer :wink:


That looks awesome!

How do i create that? some source or example.
I need to customise text, pattern and colour, Do you have any guide?

All the things I’ve used: documentations for Fabric.js and Three.js, a couple of examples on codepen and jsfiddle about Fabric.js. That’s all.

The customiser you created, is 3D or 2D?

It’s 3D :slight_smile:

:sweat: I’ve already see the documentation, but cannot create the text and patterns 3D.

I used new fabric.IText() for the text :slight_smile:

That makes the text 3D while rotating?

I think, there’s misunderstanding between us :slight_smile:
Look. Actually, your question is broad as hell. And so far, it sounds like “Do my job for me”. So, the answer can be just “read docs and seek for examples”. You can simplify it, splitting the task to smaller questions and solve them one by one.

I’m affraid I didn’t get what you mean with this phrase. Could you explain? )