Hi everyone, i'm new here and i want to show you my portfolio



Nice work Stephano, especially from this young age, congrats and keep going strong! :+1:

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yop thank you!! :pray: :pray: i think need to improve my design skills :sweat_smile:

Thanks for sharing your work. Maybe one day I will also make a portfolio site.

In case you need suggestions, here are some:
  • for wide screens the background graphics does not go to the right end (it gets clipped off)

  • for narrow screens – images are not scaled proportionally

  • I’m not sure why you have text in Japanese

  • the wiggling effect is somewhat nice, but it is overused (i.e. after 5 seconds I start to dislike it), also the edges are too rough

  • the phone number in the Resume is without country code

  • most likely the front text “I build mobile & web application” would be better if it is in plural: “I build mobile & web applications”; also “i’m” should be “I’m”; “my career a Flutter developer” should be “my career as Flutter developer” and so on.

  • the monospace font looks strange when mixed with other fonts. I assume this is your artistic choice.

  • the snapshot of your portfolio website differs from your current website:

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Hi Stephano,
Nice work, looks good. Just a couple of minor points:

  • With the transparent brush effect on the landing page, I think it would be better if the centre of the transparent area was at the centre of the pointer. I have to move the mouse to the top of the screen to see more of the background image.

  • When I’ve scrolled down all the way to your Works section, I keep scrolling and get to the end, but once I’m there I have to scroll all the way back again. It would be nice if one of the icons on the left took me back to the home page? This might get annoying if you have a lot of items to show.

Apart from that, very nice!

Well done, Stephano. Keep up the good work!

thanks for the suggestions!!

  • Yeah i see that, i already tried to center it but i don’t realy know why it won’t take the center position, i calculated the position with : event.clientY - imageHeight/2 in pixels. I already tried divide it by 3 and 4 but didn’t work

  • Yeah i think you’re right, maybe i’ll put that in the bottom right side of the screen

Thousand thankss :pray: :pray:

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Thanks broo :+1: :+1:

Woww that many, i don’t know how to thank you but i’m so thanksfull!! realy thank you for spending your time @PavelBoytchev :pray: :pray:
i take note all the suggestions you made

By the way, the japanese text is just for fun i think i’ll replace this in english next time cuz many people won’t make a research just to know the meaning of it :sweat_smile:

the wiggling effect, yeah that right it’s overused but actually i’m not really good on shadering (idk if that means :sweat_smile:), i think i’ll reduce the intecity and when on scrolling i’ll increase it :thinking:

yeah the snapshot was taken earlier :sweat_smile:, i need to replace it with the new one but actually busy of work and study :sweat_smile:

so thaaaankkkksss!!! i’m open for other suggestions