Help with physijs car physics

I am trying to learn physijs by building a simple top down racer:

But I cannot build the behaviour of the car like those in Generally:

My car is a little bit hard to drive. The rear of the car does break out too heavy. If I raise the friction of the rear wheels my front wheels are lifting. If I raise the mass the car is too slow. If I raise the velocity the rear beaks out. And I am at the beginning.
And the car seems to slide over the front wheels at high speed so I cannot really drive a narrow curve.
The cars from Generally seem more to slide over the middle of the car and not the front.

Somebody have an advice how to adjust the physijs settings?


I have no particular experience with physijs but from general experience I would start looking at how torque or engine force as function of velocity. You want an s-curve of sorts there. At very low speed imagine what a clutch does. At higher speeds you need to think of what the gearbox does.

Ah… thanks. The torque or the rotational speed was much too high. Felt like an Audi Quattro at Pikes Peak :smiley: Now it’s better.

The parameter of configureAngularMotor I have changed is max_force (maximum force the motor can apply).
Feels like the rotational speed and not the torque but it works.
I don’t know how to configure the torque. But maybe my insight of the coherences is too low.