Help with finding an old Three js showcase post

A while ago, maybe 2-3 years, there was a cool three js showcase that I’d like to see again but can’t find.

Showcase subject: It was for the release of a new album of some music band. You could use the scrolling wheel to navigate the scene. The scene / camera path went in a loop, so every time you went full circle the scene changed a bit. I remember the scene was spacey in colors and had a 3d lion model at some point.

Anyone has a link to this post?

It is not this project btw: Interactive Music Video with THREE.js

Ty mates

I think it was ROME. It doesn’t exist anymore afaik.

It was an awesome demo, but it was made really early on in the webGL lifecycle, and probably broke as nobody was maintaining it or it used something that ended up getting deprecated.

I think it really helped get webGL/threejs on peoples radar:

Here’s a bunch of other cool demos:

Fractal Fantasy in the same era/genre you might like:

Also check out this dudes amazing / god tier work:

There’s a whole rabbit hole around this stuff:

Someone needs to do a threejs/webgl iceberg video some day…