Help adding thickness to a cylinder with no caps

Hello! I’m new to threejs and was creating a visual. Initially I used arccurves and lines but soon learned I needed to make it 3d. All the lines needed to be cubes and all the circles needed to be cylinders. However I arrived at one problem I don’t know how to solve. I know I can replace an arccurve with a cylindergeometry as well and remove the caps but then its still paper thin with no thickness almost as if it is 2d. How would I be able to fix this?

Left is what I have right is what I want

The simplest method is to use four objects:

  • one open cylinder for the outer surface
  • one open cylinder for the inner surface (with side = BackSide)
  • two rings as caps

Another solution would be to use Constructive Solid Geometry.

A third approach would be to directly build the geometry of the shape.

My advice is to first try the first option.

Here is a demo from my VR course (not a cylinder, but a truncated cone, but the idea is the same):


How about extrude?

From the Collection of examples from


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