Height segment for Ring Geometry or Width Segment for Cylinder Geometry

Hi I need a ring type cylinder. the cylinder having the property to increase the height segment. But we can’t set the inner and outer radius for the cylinder geometry. So I tried the ring geometry. It is having the property to increase the thickness by setting the inner radius and outer radius. But the ring geometry doesn’t have the property for increasing the height. How to create a geometry as per my need?

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  1. Blender.
  2. What you describe sounds just like a cylinder - wouldn’t CylinderBufferGeometry work?
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@mjurczyk . Thank you for your reply. I need to create the geometry within three js with my script. So I don’t like to create the geometry using Blender. And My need is, in this cylinder buffer geometry, you can adjust the radius for increase the width. And you can set the height also. But I need to set the thickness which property is not available here.

I need to create a ring or cylinder like below.

maybe you want a torus geometry with scale

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Extrude a shape of circle with a circular hole.
Or use LatheBufferGeometry with rectangular shape.
Creativity is up to you :slight_smile:

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@prisoner849. Can you please share a sample with jsfiddle :grin:

Of course, I can :slight_smile:
But could you try something yourself?

There’s enough information in the docs and in the examples.

LatheBufferGeometry: just pass an array of 5 points, that form a rectangle, into its constructor. So you’ll get something like this:

How to extrude shapes: three.js examples There’s even the example with the brown circle, that has a circular hole.


Here is even another way. Using CSG.