HDR JPG - some live online testing

This would be intended for those who would like to try SOME live online testing by loading files LOCALLY.

Only gainmaps integrated into JPG are currently supported but you can load WEBP all by itself without the gainmap.

  • Use my 3DM Viewer which is currently the only viewer that has this enabled
  • Make sure to download textures folder from three.js repository
  • Download and load the attached DamagedHelmet.3dm model
  • Check the Eq checkbox
  • Use BGND to browse the mentioned textures folder, maybe its equirectangular sub-folder, and load some example texture:
    • HDR JPG loader is set to handle the following formats:
      • EXR and HDR textures which will be encoded on-the-fly
      • JPEG regardless of whether gainmap is integrated into it
      • WEBP, PNG, BMP, GIF textures
  • Use the BGND control and load some other textures
  • BGND and Eq viewer controls work together, so for as long as the Eq is checked the background should be equirectangular
  • See the attached pictures of what you might be able to see

Instead of loading EXR or HDR textures, generally speaking, maybe consider converting them to a single JPEG with integrated gainmap by using the online Gain Map Converter. It should reduce the file size.

Also, make sure to check this topic for some other information.

EDIT: This has been further extended to some other of my desktop viewers (3DM, 3DS, 3MF, ASSIMP, GLTF), so don’t hesitate to check them out on my main webpage. For mobile testing, currently my Texture Viewer can do some of this without requiring any 3D models but does require good hardware for gainmaps.

DamagedHelmet.zip (6.9 MB)

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Implement drag and drop, and ditch the serifs on the fonts!
Also I spent a minute staring at the spinning logo thinking the page was still loading… it’s a nice logo… but it also looks like a loading indicator. :smiley: Maybe make it not spin when its not loading?

I’m super excited for the jpg+gainmap workflow. This tooling is super cool!

@manthrax and other forum users,

I have further updated my 3DM Viewer to also include loading of EXR and HDR textures, which will be encoded on-the-fly into a single JPEG with integrated gainmaps and then loaded with HDR JPG Loader.

All the code is available in my repository.

Spinning logo is supposed to disappear when the loading starts and there should be a message Load & Visualize showing instead.

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