GLB Model with Actions is not visible on iPhone

Hi, I have a small simple GLB model, with simple armature animation.
The model have two actions, Walk and Hit (30-40 frames) Total size 90KB.
When exported it, it is working on MacOS Safari, Android but not work on iOS.
The model is loaded on iOS, I can read meshes names, animations data, but mesh attached to animation is not visible. When I add mesh without armature to the same file it is rendered.
I made a quick test with pure Blender file and animate with two bones default cube, the same effect.
Everything wait until all assets will be loaded, tested even with timeout of 2 sec.

renderGrannie() {
        const grannie = assetsLoader.getGLTF(LevelModels.GRANNIE); // this will return gltf file
        this.animations = grannie.animations;

        grannie.scene.children.forEach((obj) => {
            if (obj.isMesh) {
                obj.castShadow = true;
                obj.receiveShadow = true;
        this.characterAnimation = new AnimationMixer(grannie.scene);;

This is the model:

I checked the examples on Three.js site, none of them works on my iPhone.
Since it is iPhone for tests, and I’m not iPhone user it has quite old system version.
When updated to iOS 17 it is working ( I assume WebGLRenderer on Safari was updated)