GLB File is not displayed completely

I have a problem in displaying a group of models saved as ONE glb-file.
In detail a robot arm on a desk with a toolboox on it.

When I open the file in CAD Assistant every part of the model is shown. In three.js it isnt.
Therefore I looked at the objects children of the GLB-file and the console.log does not show every part of the model? - So it seems it is not a camera issue.

The interesting part is that only parts which are animated (robot arm) are shown. The desk and toolbox are invisble.

init() Function - Excerpt

function init() {


* Load 3D - Model */

   let loader = new THREE.GLTFLoader();
   loader.load('models/Merged.glb', function (gltf) {
       kuka = gltf.scene.children[0];
       // Load animation from glb file
       mixer = new THREE.AnimationMixer( kuka );

animation() function

function animate() {
   light.position.set ( 
       camera.position.x + 10,
       camera.position.y + 10,
       camera.position.z + 10,
    // Enable Animation
    if (!isPlay) {
       clock.running = false

   else {
     const delta = clock.getDelta();
     mixer.update( delta );

Do you mind sharing the glTF asset in this topic?

I’ve imported the asset into the three.js editor and applied a HDR environment map. The result looks like so:

It seems all components of the model are visible. Or is something missing?

This looks completely fine. Does the animation of the robot work?

This is how it looks in my Three.js application
Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-16 um 11.06.52

Yes, it does.

It seems you have to share your code since there is something wrong in your app.

Thanks a lot for your effort. Just updated the issue with my code.

Try it like so:

kuka = gltf.scene;
mixer = new THREE.AnimationMixer( kuka );
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I have similar example please ask if you have a question

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