Glb model sliding after animation

My animation is fbx and the model (character) is glb. I do the code something like:
mixer = new THREE.AnimationMixer( gltf.scene );
mixer.clipAction( fbx.animations[ 0 ] ).play(); // idle

Seems the fbx animation skeleton (bones) is very gigantic in size compare to the glb model. The model is animated nicely but the position is fly to the sky from the original. Also the position is moving/sliding. I try to scale the fbx animation but no use.
I also use ammo physics via enable3d library. Not sure if it’s related to the problem.
As long I remember, I experiencing almost the same to mixamo model. But it is not change position to up.
What’s the problem here?
Edit: I use both animation and model from Ready Player Me. Model is glb and animation is fbx.

I tried to re-size with three js editor and rescale the model too but just ridiculous.

Probably I need to do something with spine Bone. Maybe only copy any other bones animation but not the spine.

The solution is simple.
I think this may solve the problem: